What To Do With Your Kid’s Old Clothes

We all have clothes we don’t wear or need. This holiday season, many of us will receive new clothes to add to our closets. Are you looking to simplify and clean out unworn clothing? Maybe it’s time to get started! We have some tips to help you start in the kid’s bedrooms.

When getting rid of your kids clothes, usually it’s a matter of what fits and what doesn’t anymore. Start there, then look for clothes that your kids never wear. Have they worn it in the last year? If not, it’s probably safe to guess they won’t wear it anytime soon. Once you have a bag (or several) of clothes to get rid of, there are lots of options. Here a few ideas to sell or donate your kid’s old clothes:

Thred Up 

This is an online clothing exchange service. Thred Up will send you a free bag, and you can fill it up with new or gently used clothing for children 12 months and up. This company will value your clothing and pay you what they think it is worth.  You will make anywhere from $20 to $40 per bag of clothing on average. Name brand, tags still on, and clothes appropriate for the current season will make more money. Check out Thred Up

Moxie Jean

This company is similar to Thred Up, in that they will send you a free bag to fill up with your old clothes. However, Moxie Jean will take smaller size including preemie through size 8. Generally, you can earn anywhere from $0.40 to $8.00 per piece of clothing. Check out Moxie Jean

Organize and Save

Are you thinking about having another child? Organize your old clothes and save your favorites. Or, if you have a younger child that can grow into some of those clothes, keep that in mind and save. Do you know another family that could use them? They might be happy to receive your hand-me-downs!

It could be that your closets are overflowing because there are multiple seasons of clothes crowded into one place. Try keeping the current season in the closet, and store all other clothing in boxes or tubs until it’s time to wear them again. You would be surprised at how much space this will add to your closet!


Consider donating your clothes to goodwill or a charity that will give them to families in need.

Sell them

Garage sale, Ebay, Craigslist. These are just a few of the options that you might be able to use to sell gently used clothing. You will probably have better luck with name brand items, but who knows! Give it a try if you have some time to get rid of your clothing items.