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Umbrella Insurance: What is It?

Umbrella Insurance


Protect yourself with Umbrella Insurance before you lose any income or assets because of a large liability settlement. You may be able to protect your home, rental property, personal property, business property, farm property, vehicles, recreational vehicles, personal liability, and commercial liability.

Today, there is a trend toward more complicated and frequent liability claims. Courts often award high settlements, and you may have considerable income and assets that could crumble with one judgement. The fact is that one lawsuit could completely wipe you out emotionally and financially. That’s why those who have the most to lose need the most protection.

Consider an Umbrella Policy

Take a look at the amount of liability insurance you have. Even if your property is financed, it is still susceptible to liens and attachments. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to sell or refinance after a judgement.

Would your assets be adequate if you were to be found legally responsible to pay for an injury to another? Your insurance company can help with the worry behind the word “liability.” You can increase the amount of your protection to adequately cover your exposure and protect your assets.

What is included in an Umbrella Policy with Mountain West:

1) Increased Protection: You’ll receive increased amounts of protection over and above the liability coverage you already have with us.
2) Personal Injury Coverage: Your policy will provide coverage for damages to others resulting from certain personal injury cases, such as false arrest, wrongful eviction, libel, slander, and defamation of character.
3) Worldwide Coverage: Certain situations will provide coverage above and beyond your underlying policy throughout the world.
4) Ease of Coverage: If you own your own business, both your personal and commercial liability may qualify to be covered under one policy.
5) Coordination of Policies: We can coordinate and supplement your present policies so you get the broad coverage you need.

Want to know how much liability you have? Contact your local Farm Bureau agent today!

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