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Misconceptions About Renter’s Insurance

In the event of a loss, could you afford to replace everything if it were stolen or damaged? Renter's insurance is an inexpensive way to protect yourself and your property from the unexpected. Here are a few misconceptions about renter's insurance.


Renter's Insurance Misconceptions

  • It's too expensive. Since renting often comes with added costs of cable, internet and utilities, you may be putting off purchasing insurance because of the added expense. Don't let it deter you, plans are much more affordable than you think! In fact, they are much less than the price of decent cup of coffee per day.
  • My personal property isn't valuable, so I don't need it. You might be surprised by the grand total when you add up the value of all of your possessions. In addition to high-price items like electronics, your living space also has clothing, furnishings, small kitchen appliances, cookware, dishes, and more. If you lost everything all at once, it would likely be very expensive to replace out-of-pocket. Insure your Roomba!
  • I'm protected by my landlord's insurance. This is a commonly held belief that keeps many renters from protecting themselves. In reality, most landlord insurance policies protect only the physical building, not your possessions. If someone were to steal your television or a fire were to destroy your furnishings, you're responsible for the cost to replace them.
  • Renter's insurance only covers my property. In addition to personal property protection, you can also get liability and medical payment coverage. Ask your local agent about these packaged policies today!
  • It only protects items inside my home. Renter's insurance actually covers items if they're stolen or damaged outside of your home as well. For example, watercraft and ATVs are optional additions to your renter's policy.

Contact your local agent today and discuss why renter's insurance might be right for you!

Happy renting!

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