Preparing Now Makes Back-to-School a Snap!

Apple on school desk

Last week we celebrated the 4th of July, and next month many students will already be heading back to school! While you still want to enjoy your summer, making some preparations now for the upcoming school year can save you and your kids a lot of stress.

Give your kids time to adjust to the school schedule.

Perhaps the hardest part of a new school year is the sudden, dramatic change in the schedule. Sleeping in and free days suddenly become frantic with school schedules and homework responsibilities. Two weeks before the start of the school year, start having your children wake up a little earlier. Easing into the new schedule can prepare them for the school year. Meal times can also be coordinated — especially for the little ones — to match lunch and snack times at school.

Do you have a family master calendar?

These days, everyone seems to be involved in one or more extra-curricular activity. The kids have athletics, field trips, and clubs; parents have work schedules, PTA meetings and date night… the list can be endless. Having a master calendar (whether a big one stuck to the fridge or coordinated digital calendars) can help you keep track of where everyone needs to be, and when.

Create a plan for what you need… BEFORE you shop.

Head in to back-to-school shopping with a strategy. Take some time to go through drawers and closets with your child to identify clothing items that no longer fit or are worn out. If you have younger children, to look for hand-me-down opportunities from the older kids! Talk to your kids about their needs and the family budget before you shop so everyone is on the same page. Do you still have all that extra loose-leaf paper from last year? Did they ever really use that glue stick? Look for items from last year that can be carried over to this year.

Gather the necessary documents.

Starting a new school year often requires documentation: registering for classes, changing schools, participating in athletics (which may also require proof of a physical examination!), starting kindergarten, and more. Depending on your child’s school, you may need to provide previous report cards, immunization records, and other documentation that will allow him or her to start school. Contact your child’s school early to give yourself plenty of time to locate the needed documentation and other information.

While a lot goes in to preparing for the school year, we hope these tips help you feel a little more prepared when the time comes!


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