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Memorial Day Grill Safety Tips

Happy Memorial Day! As you enjoy the summer “kick-off” with family and friends, remember the reason for the holiday. We honor those who sacrificed their lives for the good of our country, so that we may spend time with our loved ones today. We are forever grateful for their contributions.


There are many holiday traditions that surround this so called “start of summer,” but one seems to resonate with families across the US. Barbecuing is so common, yet so diverse. According to Time Magazine, “Barbecue varies by region, with the four main styles named after their place of origin: Memphis, Tenn.; North Carolina; Kansas City; and Texas." Pulled pork-shoulder doused in sweet tomato-based sauce is renowned in Memphis. North Carolina will smoke you the whole hog in a vinegar-based sauce. Ribs cooked in a dry rub are preferred by Kansas City natives. And Texans enjoy their beef. If you want to find out more regarding the history of barbecuing, refer to this article. With all the diverse ways to cook your meat, there is one commonality and that’s the grill. This Memorial Day, please be safe while you cook for family and friends. Although we love to have you as a customer, we don’t want to have your house as a claim. Here are a few tips on grilling safety that can help you not burn the house down.

Grill Safety Tips

  1. If you are using a gas grill, you should use it at least 10 feet away from the outside of your home.
  2. Make sure to check any connections for leaks. You can do so by turning on the cylinder valve and spraying the connections with a homemade solution (equal amounts of liquid dish soap and water). If bubbles appear, make sure to get those connections either tightened or replaced.
  3. Try to keep the grill away from heavy foot traffic. If there are children, pets or outdoors games around, make sure to keep caution and try to keep them away as well.
  4. Do not place lighter or matches near the grill or children.
  5. Do not wear loose clothing, as it is much easier to catch on fire. While it may be toasty, wearing long-sleeved shirts, pants and closed-toed shoes will keep you much safer.
  6. Do not leave a lit grill unattended.
  7. Do not put anything on the grill until you have gotten it hot and scrubbed off any food remnants with a wire-bristled brush.
  8. If available, use long-handed tools to avoid leaning over the grill while cooking.
  9. Prevent cross-contamination by creating separate areas on the grill for raw meat and cooked foods.
  10. Make sure meat and poultry are cooked thoroughly, to the proper temperatures. Investing in an instant-read thermometer is a great and easy option! If you are unsure of the proper cooking temperatures, refer to this handy guide.

We hope you have a love-filled day with family and friends. Stay safe grilling!

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