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Featured City Friday highlights fun and interesting features of our agent’s cities across the mountain west region. Let's head down to southwestern Wyoming and visit the city with "56 Nationalities"...


Rock Springs, WY

Rock Springs, a city with a population of about 23,000 people, is located in southwestern Wyoming. Rock Springs is a diverse city with unique western heritage and coal mining roots. During the 1800s, thriving railroad and mining industries spread across the west – including Wyoming. Specifically, the Union Pacific Coal Company transformed the empty wilderness into the multicultural city of Rock Springs. In fact, Rock Springs is thought of as the city with “56 Nationalities”, because of the many culturally diverse people that pioneered to Rock Springs to work in the coal mines. In effect, the city is still wonderfully diverse to this day. Also known to Rock Springs is the infamous Old West outlaw, Butch Cassidy. It is reported that he worked as a butcher in the city, which is where he earned the nickname “Butch." With so much history and things to do in Rock Springs, a trip to this great town is certainly warranted.

Unique Attractions

Flaming Gorge

Just an hour and a half drive south of Rock Springs is Flaming Gorge. Flaming Gorge is a national recreational area that covers 207,363 acres! The most popular attraction is Flaming Gorge Reservoir which measures 91 miles long! There are multiple adventurous opportunities here, including fishing, boating and hiking. You can also get a tour of the Flaming Gorge Dam which separates the reservoir from the Green River. This dam provides water storage in addition to hydroelectric power.

Natural History Museum – Western Wyoming Community College

The Natural History Museum, located at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs, showcases life-size replicas of dinosaurs that used to walk the Sweetwater County area. It’s the perfect spot to read about and discover fascinating fossils from the prehistoric times. Anyone interested in archaeology or geology should make the trip! There are collections of stones and fossils of fish, palm leaves and reptiles that were also once in the area. Make your way to the Natural History Museum to discover what prehistoric times in Wyoming were like!

Festivals & Events

Wyoming’s Big Show

Wyoming’s Big Show is an annual event held in Rock Springs and is also known as the Sweetwater County Fair. There are so many things to do here, including rodeos nights, family-friendly carnival rides, dining options, evening concerts, exhibit halls and livestock shows! Wyoming’s Big Show is a must-see event with something for everyone to enjoy.

International Day

Each July, Rock Springs celebrates the diverse heritage of its people during International Day. As previously mentioned, Rock Springs is known as the “Home of 56 Nationalities,” and the International Day celebrates this through a festival of food, exhibits, costumes and live entertainment! There ever are over 30 imported beers from around the world and performers from various parts of the world. It’s the only ethnic event of its kind in Wyoming, and it's free to the public! You don’t want to miss next year’s event, so mark your calendars!

Top Restaurants


Located at 1996 Dewar Drive is Bonsai, a Japanese restaurant. This restaurant features all sorts of wonderful dishes including a variety of maki rolls, teriyaki dishes, soups, egg rolls, fried rice and much more. Bonsai is also vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Broadway Burger Station

Broadway Burger Station is a classic American eatery in Rock Springs. Broadway features a variety of menu options including delicious burgers, appetizers, soups and shakes. Their burgers range from classics like the Double Cheeseburger, to more unique creations, like the Smokey Sam and Teriyaki Burger. For dessert, check out the Butterfinger Shake: we hear it’s delicious!

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Jesse Wilkinson

I came to Rock Springs 11 years ago expecting to stay only a short while. Instead I found a great home for my family and a wonderful city to start a career in. People in Rock Springs are friendly and there is always something to do, especially if you like the outdoors. It has a small town feel and always see someone I know when I go out.
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