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Featured City Friday highlights fun and interesting features of our agents' cities across the mountain west region. Now let's take a trip to the "Magic City..."


Billings, MT

The largest city in the state of Montana, Billings has a population of around 109,550. But don't let that fool you; the Billings Metropolitan Area is much larger with an overall population of around 171,700 people! The population size is due to its steady growth since its founding in March 1882. It was originally named after Frederick H. Billings, a former president of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The new town started with just three buildings, but quickly grew to a town of 2,000 people within just a few months! Like magic, the city seemed to appear overnight - giving it the nickname the "Magic City." The city has continued to grow - even during recessions! It now has more hotel accommodations than any area within a five-state region and is the hub for conventions, concerts, sporting functions and many other events! There is so much to see and do in Billings; we definitely recommend you make a trip!

Unique Attraction

The Rimrocks

Located along the skyline around Billings, the Rimrocks are rimrock sandstone formations. Eighty million years ago, the area was the shore of the Western Interior Seaway. Sediment and sand from the sea were deposited around the shoreline, and over millions of years of compression caused the sand to turn into sandstone. In addition, a river much larger than the current Yellowstone River began to cut a canyon into the valley floor of the sandstone, creating what we know as the Rimrocks today. The Rims surround the city of Billings with impressive heights and lengths; the tallest single section of the Rimrocks extends for roughly 18 miles! Not only do the Rims offer stunning views, they also are home to many hiking paths, parks, biking trails and more! Or if you would like a more relaxing time, many people like to sit cliff-side and watch the hustle and bustle down below. Spend some time at the Rims; you won't regret it!



The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) originated in the late 1960's and is now one of the largest agricultural events of the Northwest! Hosted in Billings, the NILE consists of livestock shows, horse shows and rodeo events at various times throughout the year. It's home to several national cattle breed shows and sales, and features horse sales including weaning/yearling sales, performance horse sales and six different futurities. There even are rodeos that showcase many of the top contestants in the PRCA! Make sure you spend some time at the NILE next time you're in Billings!

Top Restaurant

The Burger Dive

The Burger Dive is a popular restaurant in Billings, and it's no wonder why! This restaurant is known for its delicious burgers made from fresh ingredients. They've even won multiple awards! In fact, Brad Halsten, owner and head chef, was recently crowned "Burger Champion" at the World Food Championships. The "I'm Your Huckleberry" Burger is the most recent award winner and is now featured at the restaurant. According to their website, "It's a burger covered with a Huckleberry Hatch chili barbecue sauce, bacon, goat cheese, roasted red pepper mayo, arugula and served on a Grains of Montana bun." Sounds like something we can get behind! If you haven't been yet, check out The Burger Dive!

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