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Farm Safety Reminders for Spring Planting


As soil dries and spring planting gets fully under way, remember to stay safe in the fields and on the roads.

“Farmers are anxious to get back into their fields and get the job done. They’re working on tight deadlines, but they need to remember to take care of themselves and others in the process,” said Eric Vanasdale, COUNTRY Financial senior loss control representative. “Accidents happen when you’re tired, distracted and rushed. Farmers need to be on alert all hours of the day in order to keep themselves and other drivers safe.”

  • During planting season, farmers work long hours. So, remember to get plenty of rest and take frequent breaks. Accidents are more likely to occur once fatigue sets in.
  • Tell family and co-workers where you’ll be working. Keep your cellphone handy at all times in case of emergencies or accidents.
  • Maintain farm equipment according to manufacturers’ recommendations. Also review equipment manuals and inspect lights to make sure turn signals and flashers work properly. Safety reflective tape and slow-moving vehicle emblems should also be cleaned, so they’re more visible to drivers.
  • Farmers and drivers will need to once again adjust to having large, slow-moving agricultural equipment on rural roads.
  • Farmers should avoid driving machinery on roads at dawn and dusk. Most accidents happen during those times — peak time for drivers heading to and from work. Drivers should remember to decrease their speed and approach farm equipment with care.

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