Fall Activities for the Whole Family

Summer may be behind us, but there are still plenty of activities indoors and outdoors that your whole family can do together this fall.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Leaf Jumping! Leaves are everywhere and its a free activity.
  2. Pick apples and make apple cider. Find a cider recipe here.
  3. Make homemade Halloween costumes.
  4. Have a cozy night in with blankets and a movie.
  5. Go on a family walk.
  6. Make some homemade apple pie. Find a recipe here.
  7. Paint pine cones and display around the house.
  8. Make a big pot of hot soup.
  9. Decorate/Carve pumpkins.
  10. Pick fall flowers to display in the house.
  11. Roast pumpkin seeds. Find a recipe here.
  12. Make homemade snacks like a fall trail-mix with candy corn and nuts.
  13. Plant an indoor herb garden.
  14. Make a scarecrow – find old clothes, and make your own fall decoration for your front porch or back yard.

The most important thing is to get your family involved and enjoy the autumn season together!