How Can Leaders Promote Effective Teamwork?


Teamwork is an essential characteristic for almost any endeavor, but what really makes teamwork effective? Forbes.com recently shared some insights into creating high-performing teams in the workplace.

According to Francine Katsoudas, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer of Cisco, there are three basic things we all need to know to encourage better teamwork:

First, learn what is unique about each team member.

“Know what’s special — know what’s unique — about each of them,” Katsoudas said. Focusing on the strengths of your employees helps you “recognize how your employees are at their best,” she said. When you play to those strengths, it contributes to a team-player mindset! There are always improvements that need to be made, but focusing on strengths promotes more of what is already working.

Second, create an environment that allows for shared values.

Creating an environment of shared values helps employees “feel more comfortable putting their thoughts and ideas forward,” Katsoudas said.

Third, ensure that your work environment promotes employee support.

Ensure that same environment is one “where every team member feels like their teammates have their back.” This sort of workplace allows others to feel safe taking risks — they know their teammates are there to support them.

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Information from Forbes.com.