At Mountain West Farm Bureau we pride ourselves on being a local, people-first organization dedicated to providing you with quality service. Our claims team strives to provide great customer service to Mountain West policyholders by investigating claims efficiently and objectively.


We strive to make contact within a reasonable time frame, conduct a thorough investigation, and make a fair and equitable settlement when the circumstances dictate. Please reference our claims process below for what to expect when we handle your claim:

Step 1: Contact Your Agent Office
If you have a claim that you need to report, please contact your agent’s office via phone or email to report the circumstances and damages.
Step 2: Agent Files the Claim
Your agent will file a claim electronically with our claims department.
Step 3: The Claims Department Will Contact You
Expect a form of communication from one of our claims representatives for further information. Our goal is to make initial contact with you within 48 hours of our receipt of claim. In the instance of a large catastrophic event our contact time-frame may be slightly longer.
Step 4: Process Claim
Your personal claims representative will conduct a thorough investigation and make a fair and equitable settlement when the circumstances dictate.

How to Find a Contractor You Can Trust

When looking for a contractor follow these basic guidelines. This is intended for use as a guide. Mountain West Farm Bureau does not choose or recommend contractors.

Hire a licensed contractor
Check with the state or city to see if they require contractors to be licensed. If so, make sure the contractor has the correct license. Not all states or cities require that contractors be licensed.
Permits are required for most repairs, and the contractor should obtain the permits. If the contractor does not obtain a permit, ask why and check with the state or city. If you live in a rural area, check with your County Clerk to see if they require permits.
Always sign a written contract. If a verbal agreement is made outside the contract, ask the contractor to place it in the written agreement.
Do not pay in cash! Never pay the contractor in advance or pay more than 10% or $1,000 down. Always get a receipt. Prior to making final payment, inspect the work and make sure it is totally completed and to your satisfaction.

Mountain West Farm Bureau will inspect your property when a claim is submitted. This service is part of your insurance contract and is free of charge. We will never send a contractor to look at your property without talking to you first.

Meeting the Needs of Our Clients and Agents

The Claims Department of Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company is dedicated to the prompt and professional investigation of each claim while maintaining an empathetic approach towards each individual policyholder. Our success is built on the foundation of shared values, quality services and relationships, integrity, mutual trust, and financial strength. We maintain a working relationship with our sales force to service the promises of the product they sell. We aspire to be recognized in our communities as reputable and professional.