Celebrating 70 Years of Service - Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Celebrating 70 Years of Service

On this day 70 years ago, the company that would become Mountain West Farm Bureau was founded. Today, we celebrate our history while looking towards the future.


Looking Back 70 Years

Farm Bureau Insurance

From the very beginning, our company has had its roots in Western soil and in the Mountain-West region. Way back in 1947, the Wyoming Farm Bureau Insurance Committee met and voted to establish an insurance service for Farm Bureau members. Members from every organized county in the state of Wyoming invested their own money to fund the new, local company. Their efforts came to fruition on August 27, 1948, when the Agricultural Insurance Company of Wyoming opened its doors in downtown Laramie.

As the services we offered grew, so did our staff. By the mid-1950s, we moved to a larger office and had our first full-time Wyoming agent. In 1958, the company then known as the Wyoming Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company expanded into Montana through a relationship with the Montana Farm Bureau. To better reflect our two-state operation, our name changed to Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company in 1973. We take pride in our name, as we believe it reflects our roots in the region and our commitment to serving the hardworking people who inhabit it.

As we continue to grow and expand, we haven’t forgotten our original vision for a locally-based insurance company. From our very first agent and handful of employees to today’s one hundred-plus agents and two hundred-plus employees, we remain committed to serving our customers throughout the Mountain West region with the same honesty and integrity upon which we were founded!


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