30 Ways to Save Money This Year

Do you have any money saving goals this year? We have some ideas to help you save money across different areas of your life!

How to Save Money on Food

  1. Buy meat that is on a Manager’s Special (expiring that day or shortly after). Cook it that day, and eat or freeze for later!
  2. Yeast is the most expensive ingredient in bread – save money by baking your own! Find a simple recipe here.
  3. Mix ground beef with an egg or two and several handfuls of quick oats. This makes the meat last longer, and tastes great in meat balls or meatloaf!
  4. Go meatless 1-2 nights a week. You can substitute beans which are cheap and filling!
  5. Try to stretch as much time as possible between shopping trips. That gives you less opportunities to impulse buy.
  6. Meal plan and follow accordingly, taking advantage of leftovers.
  7. Make a shopping list, and STICK TO IT. Don’t buy anything not on the list! This will help you to keep to your budget.
  8. Buy generic brands – this will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  9. Utilize coupons! If you are new to coupon shopping, this book may be helpful to you.
  10. Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry.

How to Save Money Around the House

  1. Wash your clothes inside out to keep them looking nice longer, and only wash them when they are really dirty!
  2. In the winter, try using your stove and and/or dryer to help heat your home.
  3. Cook meals ahead of time for up to a 2 week period. Cook them all at once to make your oven use efficient. You can freeze and reheat meals!
  4. Use Craig’s List or garage sales to buy furniture and household items, rather than buying brand new ones.
  5. Make your own household cleaners – you can make just about any generic cleaner using bleach, vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and borax. Find out how here.
  6. Check your insurance – there may be a way to bundle and save money.
  7. Do you have a house phone and a cell phone? Cut down to one or the other.
  8. Unplug appliances when you are not using them.

How to Save Money with Entertainment

  1. Limit how often you eat out. If you do, order water – soda and other drinks are very overpriced at most restaurants.
  2. Invite friends over for dinner rather than meeting them at a restaurant. You will have more time to talk, and will save money!
  3. Is cable necessary? Try Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. For a small monthly cost, you can stream many of the same TV shows and movies for a fraction of the cost.
  4. Get creative when planning dates or family activities. Rather than going out to eat, think of cheaper activities. If you are creative, it will probably be more memorable anyway.
  5. Take your kids to Cabellas or Bass Pro Shop instead of the zoo. They will probably have just as much fun, for free!

Other Money Saving Tips

  1. Set a budget – Try pulling out all of your money for spending at the beginning of the month. Once it is gone, it’s gone! Set the amounts you will spend on food, bills, entertainment, etc.
  2. Wait a minimum of 24 hours before buying an expensive item. The extra time will allow you to make sure you really need it, or check other places for deals.
  3. If something breaks, try and repair it yourself before instantly buying a new one.
  4. Set goals for when you want to pay off debt. Make extra payments accordingly to meet your goal.
  5. Limit the number of toys your children can have in the house. This will decrease clutter, and help them to value the toys they have more.
  6. Make your own baby food by pureeing what the rest of the family is eating, or using dehydrated and powdered veggies.
  7. Make homemade gifts for holidays and birthdays. Often these kinds of gifts are more meaningful than store bought ones.